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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5:52PM - AwToHellWithIt! Anime = Suck

Another quarter year, another anime season filled with shounen hate, pedophilia, otaku-pandering, $#17-talking, and a Larson Effect that's just SO LOUD that people can hardly hear themselves hear themselves.  From annoying lolies who believe they're goddesses and deserved to be kicked like footballs, to slow-as-hell cardgames that feature a shounen lead who hardly levels up.

Why I didn't drop this anime hobby like a brick when I should was because of the anime that featured (to a certain extent) unblocked upskirt panty shots and the undying hope that someday someone will have enough balls to break away from the animu industry's loop.

And so, once again, here's the list of anime I'll watch this season.  And remember, folks; just like with the human mind (as it should be), this list will change.

Maybe I'll pick up Ikoku Meiro no Croisée and Dantalian's Bookshelf.  (Don't even think about getting your FUCKING hopes up, Gainax.)  But other than that, it's just like I said:  More pedophilia, otaku-pandering, shounen-hate and loudened Larson.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

1:27AM - Oh Hey!

I guess I should let everyone know about my two-month MAJOR Transformers Haul.  (I had to sell all of my GI Joe figures and vehicles.  But I needed the money and space.)

Dakota Moon:

  • Voyager Megatron Mega-Octane
  • Leader Sentinel Prime Fahrenheit
  • Deluxe Crankcase Jamaican
  • Deluxe Roadbuster
  • Deluxe Topspin
  • Deluxe Bumblebee (w/ new, and happily surface-friendly, mold)
  • Cyberverse Powerglide
Generations / Reveal Da Shield
  • Wheeljack
  • Thundercracker
  • Red Alert
  • Wreck-Gar
  • Lugnut (Voyager)
  • Laser Optimus Prime

Friday, June 10, 2011

3:16AM - Hello there...

I haven't posted anything here for a while.  I was too busy on Facebook...

And trying to find more work in real life as well.

So if you notice any long, two-month stretches of time laps, that's what's going on.


Friday, May 6, 2011

3:27PM - Potential G375 Despite My UI:

  • Transformers DOTM Voyager Megatron Mega-Octane
  • Transformers DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime Fahrenheit
  • Transformers DOTM Deluxe Crankcase
  • Transformers DOTM Deluxe Roadbuster
  • Transformers DOTM Deluxe Topspin
  • Transformers DOTM Cyberverse Powerglide
  • Transformers Generations Wheeljack
  • Transformers Generations Thundercracker
  • Transformers Generations Red Alert

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3:05PM - Writer's Block: Cinco de Mayo

Do you consider yourself patriotic? If so, how do you express it?

I don't know.  I survive through common sense, lack of whimpering, and selling off stuff I don't need.  So yeah.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5:22PM - Sony "Gains More Trust Than It Deserves(?)"

Well, you know...  There are reasons for it.

  1. Some of us KNEW the risk once we (place that check in the box).
  2. Nothing is perfect.
The lot of these (over-aged) kids who complain about the network going down and their precious credit card info being stolen by some malicious stranger.  They have a right to complain and be frustrated.  But to Glennbeckisly BULL$#17 all over the company (in an effort to get idiots on your side) is pathetic and self-damning.

But hey.  It's another one of those times that help separate the "children" from the "grown-ups."

Considering how there's already a significant of people online who don't follow the rules...  They might have been cheating and using fake credit cards, or someone else's credit cards, to use the PSN.  Anonymous' attack might have exposed whatever scam THEY were on.  So the jig is up, and they might have to clean house and start all over again.

Still...  It's good to know that Sony's working on its problems.  And really.  What alternative and better ideas are offered by those pathetic circus clowns who were beating up on Sony?  They're always looking for someone to beat up; they're never happy unless they can make others unhappy.  That's how they work.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

12:17AM - Speaking of YouTubing.

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12:15AM - Why It Matters: You're Already Dead.

News tonight is that al Qaeda's spiritual leader and mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden, had been killed by anti-terrorist forces (the CIA and some MUCH NEEDED help from our Pakistani friends) in Pakistan.


It doesn't mean that the "War On Terror" is over.  It doesn't mean that all these anti-US terrorist groups will give up the next day.  It's more like a "spiritual" thing.  It's like "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" without the lame "I fly an airplane onto an aircraft carrier parked somewhere far and away from the main battle" routine.  It's like the "Darwin Awards" being handed to someone who promotes the pussification of (young) men and then (maybe) kills himself.

It's like the Boondocks:  YOU EAT A D###, GOATF###ER!!  YOU EAT A D###!!

I mean, yeah.  All this bad news; the Playstation Network down since 4/20/11.  More of Japan's $#177y, depressing, and pedophilic animu like C-Money and Lotte's Toy.  95% of all the "abridged series stuffed onto YouTube."  (Along with Nevada not having work.)




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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4:11PM - In Today's Happy News:

The guy behind "pansy shounen lead masochism animu" MM! "passed away."  It's rumored to be suicide.

And I said it once...:  Promote the destruction of "what it means to be a (young) man," don't be surprised when you end up killing yourself.


Now for some more stuff that isn't "pansy-@$$:"

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

1:03AM - Topic of Now: "This (Animu) DOESN'T EXIST!"

Sorry for not posting here as often as I should.  I was too busy posting on FaaFbook, playing Arcana Heart 3, and wondering what to do after my unemployment insurance runs out.  But hey, here's my new tag: "Topic of Now."  And the topic for right now is how, basically, the inability for fandom to truly "grow up."

Let's use Tsukihime for a prime example.  This anime "doesn't exist" because Kenichi Suzumura's Shiki had sex with Arcueid or some other junk like that.  I truly don't know if it's the hatred for Kenichi, (Japanese) virgins' hatred for Shiki because they couldn't relate to him after he had sex, the hatred for him picking Arc, or some other junk (that nobody wants to talk about).  I just believe that it's childish and gives people an excuse to run away from the REAL problem(s) nobody wants to deal with.

I hated a lot of animu.  Evangelion, Haruhi, CLANNAIDS, on down.  But I had to accept them.  I had no choice but to accept these animu and their fanbase.

I had to accept the fact that there are people in the world who lack the important ingredients such as talent, open-mindedness, originality, RESTRAINT, and intelligence; yet end up in important positions for a variety of reasons.

I had to accept the fact that there are people out there who, no matter how normal they say they are, would kill you (because you're not them) and same someone who would ultimately leave them for dead.

I had to accept a lot of things.  Annoying singers.  Copycat rappers.  Animu creators who are too cowardly to escape from their own downward spiral of their own horrible creations.  Mindless shooting-type video games.  Gory movies that have otherwise cool trailers.  Otherwise cool and deep fighting games that have REALLY questionable material.  :) 

I accepted a lot.  I now have a deeper respect for country music; as well as other musicians who feature more people playing instruments then doing anything else in a song.  I now understand what happens when you leave "people with brains" out of an "explosions and crap" movie (i.e. Transformers II).  I can now find it within me to be a bit more honest with myself and others (thanks to that "kicking distance").

Or, more to the point:  I wish people in general were more honest.  I.e.  I wish FUNimation would lie less about the animu they're selling to people.  If a shounen lead is going to SUCK @ LIFE (ala Eva's Shinji, Sekirei, Birdy, Certain Self-Insert Touma, on down) they shouldn't have to do cover it up with "action," "excitement," and whatever.  They should just tell everyone the truth so those who have higher expectation and standards should go somewhere else (and take our money out of FUNi's hands in tow).

But you know.  Hey.  [Insert something here] Doesn't Exist.  I don't exist because the people who believe I don't exist have a worse grasp of reality than drug addicts.  (Atleast the drug addicts realize that they need money to support their drug habits.)

Meanwhile, there's some Tea-Party politician in New York somewhere who's mad because he can't, with his bat, threaten to bludgeon more people into voting for him.  There's also a certain politician who's going to have a 4th term as Tokyo's governor despite his hatred for the otaku-base.

I don't know what the old saying was, to be honest.  "What you don't know..." *BONK!!*  That's gotta hurt!  \_(-_-)_/

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

11:21PM - I HaZ FaaFbook.

I still have my issues against "social networks."  But this is only because I participated in a "cosplay contest" over at Meadowood Mall's Suncoast.

Also, half of the chicks are HOT in cosplay orz and make me look like an amateur.

In animu news:

  • Storm BASTARDSMACKS Black Lagoon.  (Marvelhouse's X-men)
  • Artefact of San-cock Complex goes NUCLEAR MELTDOWN over the fact that cool animu with useful shounen leads CAN are possibled.  (Even if it is yet another Dog Vs Cat battle; one done by the people behind Lyrical Nanoha.)  (Dog Days)

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Friday, April 1, 2011

9:47PM - FRY~DAYE~

My take on this whole "Rebecca Black Hateraid" situation:  I didn't see the video.  I did see the many YouTube Poops done on her.

What's going on right now?  With the teeney-boppers and the haters that hate them?  It's two generations far from my own.

Back then we had garage (punk) bands.  We had guys playing guitars, keyboards, and drums; singing and believing that fame should be earned from hard work, not by corporate rooms.  As a matter of fact; I found those videos of guys running around in the forests and parks, playing their songs, more entertaining.

I lost all hope when Eminem became "THE #1 rapper."  When everyone and they dog used "Auto-Tune."  When singers featured rappers, when rockers started rapping and using DJs, and (I guess) when every song was about partying and how rich they are.

Last I heard, Becky's parents spent around $2,000 to make that video.  It featured her friends and some rapper.  So yeah.

In all honesty, I don't hate people like Becky, Justin, et al.  They're atleast doing SOMETHING.  What are all these haters doing?  Whinng, bitching, moaning...  And, because some of them have too much time on their hands, making cheap-ass video parodies that are unwatchable and unfunny (despite their popularity).  It goes back to my old saying that people like these haters just need to seriously GROW UP.

I can sing just as well (WITHOUT Auto-Tone).  I can play a good bass guitar.  Jealousy and people are just digging through ash trays for used cigarettes.

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5:53PM - I guess lolies are considered "legal" when they're fighting.

The one good piece of news on April Fooled Day:  EVERYONE WANTS TO F### SAKI Guilty Rear BrasBlue Arcana Heart 3 gets a release date of April 19.  So for the folks who...  Let me make a list:

  • HATE Wolverine and his bad-ass-ery.
  • HATED how Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 had less characters than Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.
  • HATE Deadpool for a multitude of reasons.
  • HATE how Tony Stards Get The Women.
  • Close-mindedly believe that "fighting as men" is GAY.  (Huh?)
  • Slobber to and masturbate over little girls like Artefact from Sankaku Complex.
  • LOVE HOT (Demon) NUNS.
  • Aren't too happy with the fact that there's no panty shots herein yet would still vouch for this title.
  • Root for the cutie maid midget who use the Impact Sword (C) to Eliminate Hard-Ass Scum!  (RIP Billy Mays)
You done best save up thirty of them bucks, shove it into yore bank or credit union, and spare a room in your PlayTriple.  Because...  ...uh...

Scharlachrot:  OMEGA DESTROYER!!


And to answer the question:  My fetish is incest and handsome guy on crossdressing guy yaoi.  That's why Moyashimon.

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3:31PM - Why It Matters: "What You Say Doesn't Hurt. That's The Problem Now."

I hate(d) "April Fools Day;" the day of promiscuity, lame jokes, and childish retardation masquerading as "fun."  More to the point; I hate when close-minded people celebrate it.  Everything seems like "taking a dump and fooling everyone to see said dump."

But enough about feces.  Let me state my thesis.  :)

I'm saddened with how everybody looks at the world in a black-and-white view.  I'm saddened with the heavily-agreed-upon idea that "having a pea-sized brain" is an automatic requirement for being on the web.  Ideas like "grey areas," "thinking outside the box / beyond the books," and "nuances" seem to get the middle finger constantly.

Like when the natural disasters struck Japan.  I "hoped that there would be less pedophilia, pansy-ness, NEET-ism, and running-from-reality-ism after all this."  And I became Public Enemy #1.

But you know.  I guess words DO hurt (some people).

They came back at me with tons on insults, ganged up on me (believing that number is power), they even try their hardest to convince me that their $#17 is okay.  But the fact of the matter is that my words had harmed them more than they're willing to admit.  And the little world of the otaku is based on the refusal to change, accept change, or compromise.  (The Same Thing In Different Costumes; sometimes, worse.)  So unless they're willing to change for the overall better, well...  Things will probably get messy when the next best thing comes along.

(Quick Question:  Two guys end up in a heavily racist, triggerhappy part of town .  Who would get shot first?  The black guy or a known pedophile?  Quick Hint:  The black guy would probably be second.)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6:23PM - Why It Matters: "DIE ALREADY!!"

The #chans have been known to create some of the most Backwards, Daffy Duck, BITCH-ASS logic ever to exist.  And I try my hardest not to get involved.  Especially in /a/'s conversation since I'm usually trying to get to /h/.  (/a/ is an anime board.  But it's usually about either the pedophilic animu of the day, overrating some animu I wouldn't enjoy anyway, and it's part-time works as /b/ and /h/.)

But there's just something about Clannad.  There's just something about it, and visual novels in general.  Its overused cliches, it's slobbingly ugly otaku-base parading certain VN titles around like it's "GOD'S BEST THING GIVEN TO HUMANKIND."  The feeling I get from all of this that borders between "disgust" and "joining some gun-waving extremist Tea-Party."

I mean, damn!  You read some interview somewhere saying that VNs aren't popular in the West because the lot of us gamers want a satisfying "BOOM!!  HEADSHOT!!" as oppose to sitting around and reading a bunch of frustrating text.  Because, you know.  "We want for the consumer (who we want the money from) to do things for US" and THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS, YOU BASTARD.  You give said consumer what THEY want, THEN you make sure you get PAID by them.

But yeah.  Clannad.  Youhei Sunohara.  The #chans gave me his life story that I had to read.  And it ended with "My Life Was Already Pre-Destined."

I wanted to shoot somebody that day.  But I don't have a gun; thank God.

No.  Seriously.  Anybody who believes in life being "pre-destined" should commit suicide so (s)he can stop taking up space and let the rest of us live our lives.

People build communities FAR and AWAY from cities and crap their pants wondering why bears and cougars go through their garbage.  Nuclear plants are built in areas where earthquakes and tsunamies happen; then people find out that there's no training whenever a potential meltdown happens.  People lose their jobs...  Then we're "shocked" to see circus clowns shoot everyone else in public places...

That, my friends, is known as "uncertainty" and "unpredictability."

You don't know what's going to happen to you tomorrow.  Nor any time in the future.  So you don't have "Plan B," you have "Plans B Through Z."  Or, one would think.

And maybe it's because that's the audience for visual novels or the people who create them are trying to prove a point.

But this do-nothing, self-worth-less-ness, fillable self-insert, Garry Stu, "wanting a living punching bag to not change so you can still beat him up," "Stay @ Level Zero," "give the company behind it blowjobs" type of reverse, never-leave-home logic is...  ...well...  One of the reasons why VNs will NEVER be popular in the West.

Back in 1989; "Don't Worry Be Happy" was the #1 jam.  "And I'm Bruno Mars, in his Grenade video, and I LET myself get hit by a freight train."  I'd take that same freight train and beat 20 different styles of living $#17 outta whoever believe that'll come true.

Case in point:  Only $#177y people play $#177y games; hence their $#17 logic.  And if said $#177y people can't keep their $#17 to themselves, don't get mad when they become a target for criticism.

(I guess I'm asking the wrong group of people to grow up, though.  What did I say last time?  "I should stop shoving MY opinions down people's thoat."  Oh well...)

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Monday, March 28, 2011

3:32PM - The News So Far:

  • Trying to find a way to pay my rent for this month.  (MAN, I HATE being stuck in this F### limbo.)
  • Started watching Gundam again.  Thanks to one Unicorn and one escaped Pull clone.
  • Freezing and "Certain Mutant Logan" are slowly-but-surely coming to an end.
  • Cardguard seems to be doing well.  Gosick goes missing.
  • Yes, but not everyone likes "slice of life."  There are legitimate reasons for this.  (Mine:  If I wanted to see "slice of life," I'd open the shades of my window.)
  • Former employee from Marvelhouse whines like a little bitch.  Because of The Great Recession.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

6:11PM - Why It Matters: "Quitting While You're Still Ahead."

The problem with trying to be "everybody's favorite animu licensor" is when it ends up revealing something about you that you don't want people to know.

Remember FUNimation's attempt to go after "1337 John Does?"  Well, remember how that number had been dramatically reduced?  Well...  As of the 18th of this month; FUNi had dismissed its own lawsuit stating that it's still under authority to do what it needs to do.

Because, you know.

  • We're the "bad guys;" taking money away from the company and keeping them for being fed.
  • On the real, FUNi can't really DO ANYTHING.  HorribleSubs is still around and people are STILL subbing anime.
They can't really have a temper tantrum about it either.  Like the one Eric Smurf (of Poof Sputter) had.  They're still the go-to company when it comes to titles.  Viz is second; Media Blasters needs to shake the bad luck Bancolding$ is giving them.

But you know.  It's mainly about "Balls Of Steel;" going forward and doing what needs to be done despite the $#17 that gets thrown at you.  We in the US (used to) have it.  The Japanese apparently have it despite a 9.0 earthquake, a tsunami, and a pending nuclear disaster.  Japan's anime entertainment industry is in a dire need of having all their overgrown, fat-ass man-babies removed from their "posts of power."  TMA's "Goro" on down.

But yeah.  "Balls Of Steel."  Duke Nukem is an overgrown exaggeration, but he has the right idea.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

10:30PM - Taking what I can get; wishing for more and better.

Once again, I would like to thank those who took time out of their lives to read my LJ.  At the very least, you could just take it as something to herp-derp to (or whatever you children do nowadays).  Also; one should note my honesty.  I'd rather be known for how brutal my honesty is, rather than continue to lie and get caught in my own web.

Not to say that I am right.  It's just that...  I DO HAVE HIGHER STANDARDS.  Like putting the extra money into "priority shipping" in the hopes that the toys you send across the country won't break apart.  It's like how the anime industry wants you to support them when they only make anime you HATE / DON'T LIKE.

And yes, there is a reason why my settings are "friends only."  Not because I don't wanna be called out for my "bull$#17."  But because nobody has an alternative; or the alternatives they do have aren't really good / intelligent enough.  "Suck It Up" and "Deal With It" are phrases that would either get you fired from a job or socked in your face in real life.

"The grey area" is not difficult.  The animu industry doesn't wanna do it (because they don't think they can make money off of it), but it's not difficult.

  • Keep the females from being (too) invincible.
  • Quit turning the shounen into useless / pathetic self-inserts and punching bags.
  • Quit making little girls masturbation fodder.
  • Quit trying to be the same as the next / last.
  • Travel around the outside world and get a good feel of it before putting it into anime / manga / game form.
I wouldn't've said so much if the animu industry had a larger sense of humanity or self-restraint.

And to answer the question; it's been a long-standing beef I have with the otaku-ideology.  The idea that the world can be alternated (being strong is considered weak, being tacky is acceptable, what's wrong in real life is right in MY fantasy world, vice-verse, "because we can").  I'm probably one of the few who believe that the people of Japan (the third richest democratic country (?)) are SO stressed out that suicide is an acceptable norm.

(I guess it was the midlife crisis from the Eva movies and my dad's death in either 1999 or 2000.)  I accepted the fact that life IS harsh.  It's difficult and unpredictable.  You "hope for the best and prepare for the worst."  And the only person you can actually put your trust in is the one in your mirror; not God or some higher power (as the religious types would have you believe).

And here's another round of "wishful thinking" from me:  My hope is that a sense of guilt keeps you from enjoying your "alone-time" with that little girls in your imagination.  Hopefully, a natural disaster can destroy that little fantasy world of yours; where everybody agrees and there's no diverging opinion whatsoever.  Hopefully we can all get rid of our excuses and participate in this gigantic food chain in order to make sure that mother nature, who's on top by the way, doesn't eat us all.

Speaking of "wishful thinking:"  My wish is that my job calls me for something that's full-time / permanent, and not just something that's temporary.  So yeah.

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